The Glitter Game *No Refunds*

Kraft Krack Glitter

$450.00 $1,000.00

This course is for those who have been thinking about going into the glitter business but don't know where to start. In this course we will teach you:

1. The basics of the glitter business

2. Getting your paperwork in order

3. The different types of glitters and effects

4. Access to trusted Vendors to purchase from and how to set up your accounts with them. 

5. Packaging and Shipping Supplies needed

6. How to make a custom mix

7. Shopify or ETSY the pros and cons of both

8. Pricing for Profit and more!  

There are absolutely NO REFUNDS on this class. You will receive access to our VIP group where you can ask questions and we will provide you with support to grow your business. Attempting to add someone to the group that has not paid for the course will be grounds for automatic deletion from the group no exceptions.